Renting land to farmers

When it comes to soil and water quality, how your renter farms makes all the difference. 
    When it comes to a long-term property investment, taking the highest rent cheque is not always the wisest decision. 

This site offers some resources for you to work with your renter on long-term investment in your property. There is evidence that rented land does not receive the same investments when it comes to soil health (cover crops or manure application) or erosion control (tile drainage or other erosion control infrastructure).

Soil needs a long-term perspective, and that’s where you come in.  As landowners, building long-term security into rental contracts means ensuring rental rates are economically sustainable to the farmer and allowing your farmer to invest in your soil. That’s a win-win for both parties, and for the environment.

Click and read through the menu on the right to find out how.  Or browse through the Resources section above to find a sample long-term lease agreement, information on soil health and video case studies. You can also click on underlined terms to jump to the Glossary section.